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2A3 Exams and others

I sat for 2A3 exams yesterday 27th June 2017 and preparing for 2B2, 2B3, 2B1, 2A2 and 2A1 exams in that order, starting from second week in July 2017

Kindly give me advice on what and how to study as I was not so happy with my output yesterday @ the exam center after rigorous-endless nights of reading 2015 Pan Global Books.

If you have any past/recent exams papers kindly share with me as a guide.



Try harder next time.

Getting old exam copies is not going to help. Just reading probably wont work either. You have to put hours and hours of writing and practise of drawings and charts. Don't try to look for an easy way out.

Thanks alot guys I appreciate

The only thing that worked for me throughout 2nd class exams was to go through the books and make my own notes/drawings and then study those. It takes a lot of time but it works. Old exam questions did nothing but steer me in the wrong direction unless I got lucky and got one of those questions so I just stopped all together

can I have some information about 2A3 Exam you did
alielbeik@ yahoo.com

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