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4th Class Student - Startup Question - WaterTube Boiler & Steam Turbine

I'm in School for P.E ..Gotta fire up our WaterTube Boiler & Run a small turbine with the steam.
Here is a list of what I should do . What Am I missing?
Open / StartUp Procedure:
- Open Water Valves (Deaerator/R.O./Boiler), Turn Water Pump ON & AUTO, Check For Air Pressure, Open Fuel Valves, Check That Breakers Are Turned On, Turn Burner Switch 'ON', Turn Boiler onto 'AUTO', Let High/Low Purge occur, After I purge the boiler, I am forgetful as what to do. like let boiler warm up and fire up?. (How do I know when its good to fire up?), Let Pressure Build Up

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