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Anybody have study materials for 1B3?

Hey Guys, looking to complete my 1B3, the material is just a miserable list of QC/QA requirements and I'm looking for a little guidance at what kind of questions I'll be looking at for this one. Any tips would be appreciated!

Everything you need is in Panglobal. Most of the B series is extremely dry and tough to focus on. Keep reading is about all you can do.

have any exam questio im looking for 1A1. ILL trade with ya

Of the 14(1st and 2nd) exams I've written I had a few exam questions given to me. And not once in the 14 exams has it done anything for me or have ever seen those questions on exams. The TSSA is always evolving the questions. Hard work is what gets you through. ;)

I agree with you ditchbanger. With the only exception being Mike Maidens calculation questions for my 2nd class. Those helped 100% and were not in the PanGlobal books at all. But I would never look at another persons exam questions because I felt it would just focus me in the wrong direction with a very slim chance of getting the same question. Now I face the hard decision of whether I want my 1st Class or not. Been putting it off for a while now and slowly convincing myself that I am not capable of doing it haha.

Cherva there is a difference from using extra material than just trying to use exam questions, Maidens course is very helpful, so is using reeds for the math portions. If anybody can do their 2nds then 1st is not any issue, it's really not that big of a jump. But the longer you wait the harder it will be, it's best that once finished 2nds to jump right into the 1st

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