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Anyone have info on working at Saputo Dairy in Edm??

Rough pay scale, have 3rd class boilers, pension, unionized, good/bad etc. Anyone??


Selecting from a pool of 300 applicants! Competition is tough out there..

wow, the hospital I work at posted 2 jobs in the past 2 months. We had 4 qualified applicants between the two postings.

! Where at?

I have a friend who works there right now. He started as a Fourth Class making 30.00$ per/h. I sort of lost touch with him when I moved to BC though.

In Penticton. It was posted on power engineers annonymous on facebook as well as job sites.

The assumption here was that the high cost of living meant no one was interested.

I was surprised since it is a 3rd class plant and there are so many out there looking for steam time.

Rabs have we ever connected off site? Srry if we have there have been a lot of PEs over the last while that i have had discussions with. I definitely have some Q and if you have time wouldnt mind connecting. I have a secondary email that i sift the spam through at:


Leave some contact info in there if you want, for sure could be interested in moving west, especially south west

Hey HeavyD, I sent you a message. Sorry about the slow response, I didn't look back at this thread until today.

Let me know if you send me a message so I don't end up missing it in my junk mail.

Will do

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