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Anyone spply for operator positions at Fed Pens?

Been waiting for this for a while, then didn't check for a bit and now they closed. Pretty mad at myself for not being vigilant with job search, but was hoping someone else got a chance to apply?

Found out only EIGHT people applied for 3 openings..for permanent pensioned position. Hopefully next time I will keep a better eye on the job boards.

Hi, which federal pen are you referring to?

There is still an opening at the one in Oliver. Although it might be awful.

The guards have been quite unimpressed with maintenance so far. Installation was rushed and some obviously broken equipment was installed so contractors could avoid fines for lateness.

But everyone starts somewhere. And Oliver is a nice enough town.

PA, Drumheller, and Stony Mountain iirc. Have to check out Oliver.

Nephew working as elec in ft st john at a nes gas plant, said a few more are to be constructed. Opportunities?

Oh, Oliver is in nice area, near border! Hmm

@HeavyD I know Fort St John and Dawson Creek are both on an up-swing work wise. Lots of gas plants being constructed right now.


They are all in a shortage for ticketed people, perhaps not in strictly power generation and the classic power engineering role but most of the plant here are in need of 3rd class tickets and basically good operators. I believe its Veresen that has the big gas plant under construction between Dawson Creek and Ft St John. It will definitely light up the skyline when its online

No guarantees but a good list of potential work opportunities . You will have to get used to oil and gas however as that's all these guys do.

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