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Hi Forum.
I'm a 2nd with 5/8 1st papers. Power engineering is my second career. I'm a causality of the forestry industry. Yep, went back to school at the ripe old age of 34. Now I'm 40, with a lot of catching up to do financially. I'm currently employed in the oil and gas industry as a shift-engineer in plants with over 10000 therm hours. GTGs, HRSGs, Boilers, and associated huge plant utility systems.I also have process experience, but no panel as of yet.
I like my current position, but I "hear tell of heaven in Alberta" I'm from central Canada and find that I seldom hear back from employers. I'm wondering does this have something to do with my postal code, or my lack of relative experience. (4-years with the last 2 as shift-engineer) or both.
I'd appreciate advice.
To Employers: I'm looking for camp 3 on 3 off so it makes sense for me to pay the extra travel. 2 on 2 off could work depending on the deal. I'd prefer contract so I can mitigate taxes and write off flights/expenses. I'm a bull-dog worker who used to be a logger so no complaining from me!

I would just keep applying, with the 1st class papers you have. Getting a job should not be a problem.
I have heard of different companies flying 2nd class guys in and out of Vancouver to work in northern alberta ( you might get them to fly you to and from work also). As for the shift, most companies run a 7 on and 7 off for operators.

Thanks for the reply, the shift is probably the kicker- If they won't fly this far east then I'll have to pay, and if it's 1 on 1 off I'll have to pay a lot. I think from here its 1400 return to Edmonton. Twice a month. Kicks the s*i* out of earnings....

Hmmm by 3 on 3 off I mean 3 weeks on 3 weeks off....not days ;)

You never know till you ask!! I can't see it being any different flying someone from Vancouver to Alberta.

I have a 1st with Chief experience in a few plants with no O&G experience. I've applied at several oilsands companies mainly wanting the fly in / fly out jobs with no response to date. It's been a couple of weeks now, not sure if that's good or bad but I will let you know.
All the best.

Any luck yet steamy?

No luck to date.
Response from CNRL - Thanks but no thanks.
Suncor - Wait and see as postings expires at the end of the month.
CPC - 14 On/Off - Application under review, long time to review???
Nexen and a few others no response.
Main positions I'm after are the fly in / fly out such as CPC. I could live with that arrangement quite easily.

After a search and finding a contract position after three weeks and talking to the people in the industry. I am finding the fault is lying with human resources. Don't know why but they just seem extremely slow on processing applications. Which I find strange, all they are doing is saying that there is a huge shortage or power engineers here and will be to come. That is why they want to recruit out of country. A 1st Class with Chief experience and still waiting for word back. I am confused.

Not much luck here steamy. I Also had interest from CNRL cold lake but it was relocation position.

roncold lake: I've heard that roeven and design group hires contractors for ft mac. I have not head back from them either.

Some shortage.....


where did you find your contract?
I'd be interested in 3 moth contracts.....

Actually you did better than me, CNRL basically said in a email thanks for applying but no thanks we don't want you.
Life goes in the pursuit of the almighty oil dollar!!!

Steamy- you mentioned you have no oil and gas experience. Maybe that's why. One of the questions CNRL asks on their application is "do you have oil and gas experience". I'd say, if I were you, if you've ever run a boiler on oil or gas then say "YES!~" You just need to make it past the stupid recruiters.

It's weird that they would not consider pulp and generation guys. A lot of very good operators to discard.

Reality check - there are more contract operators out here than jobs! It's all about networking, end of story. My last 3 jobs were all name hires and the jobs you see posted on the internet are mostly resume fishing by recruiters.

Sorry haven't been on this in awhile. I got my contract thru Sureflow consulting out of Bonnyville. Barry Chappell is my point of contact with Sureflow. Unless you got a lot of experience or know someone this is the way to go as the company I am contracting to is more apt to hire contractors.

itz: thanks for that
roncoldlake: thanks for the info.

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