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Celanene in Edmonton on baseline road.

Hey there is an opening for 4th class. Can anyone tell me what's the schedule there, progression and how is the pay?


Lol you mean Celanese? Hope you didnt put Celanene on the cover letter :)

I interviewed there quite a few years ago and it is a bit foggy now, but pay was 35+ iirc. Wa shood enough to be able to consider living in Sherwood area. Cant recall schedule bit was prob a typical 3-4, 4/3 type. Seemed like a good place to work, lotsbof chemicals but everywhere has something like that.

It will help if you are from there as they kept asking what was to keep me from returning to Sask, and didnt seem to believe my answers. Not everyone wants to spend their whole flippin life where they grew up..geez!

Good luck!

Excellent wages even compared to the big two refineries. I think Shell out does them all especially pensions

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