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Class 4th/5th power engineer


I am interested in the power engineering. I do not have any work experience related power engineering. I just want to know what would be the best route for me to take. I am not sure if I should start with fifth class or fourth.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

If you are really wanting this, take the 2 year course at any reputable college. After you graduate with half your 2nd hope for best..read the other posts to know what I mean. Good luck!

I would skip the 5th and start with your 4th class. Get your 2 ABSA exams passed and begin the hunt for steam time. This could be difficult to find and you may have to move. Look up other 4th class related threads on this site to read other people's experiences trying to get into power engineering right now. I would also suggest to work hard and learn fast when you land a position. Otherwise you can get on a waiting list for one of the steam labs available through the colleges to get your steam time. All depends how much $$ you want to spend on this venture.

Thanks guys for your help. I'll do some more digging around before I register. And I am planning on going to sait. Might do the distance schooling though.

The way things are in alberta chances are pretty low to land a position but ya never know.

Thanks again!

People say the 2 year diploma is good if you're coming in green and have the time and money to burn.

Talk to a few people and make sure you know what you're getting into. Job market is not good, and you will most likely have to permanently relocate to the middle of nowhere if you want an industrial job.

Maybe get your 4th through distance+ steam lab, and then if you can't find a job, you didn't waste so much time and $. This is all you need to get an entry level job as a PE. In actuality, you only need your grade 12 and mechanical aptitude to be an operator in an industrial processing facility (barring working on utilities, or at a refinery). People will bitch and say you should take the 2 year diploma, just because they did only to land a job that asked for minimum grade 12 education in some cases. I would wager that 2 years of work experience and pursuing your tickets in your spare time is infinitely better for your career, that's all the old boys did.

Also, after what I have seen and experienced, I personally would steer clear of PE or any industrially-focused careers for a bunch of reasons. As for the job market, lots of people are out of work and this includes 2nd class, I hear about it first hand. So I wouldn't get too horny about getting to your 3rd or 1/2 your 2nd, simply in the hopes of landing your first job (like some people suggest).

Pretty tough out there as you can tell from the posts. If your really set on PE after all the research, my advice is go to college and get your third class. I recommend Portage College because they get you a placement for steamtime in an industrial setting. If your lucky, maybe even get paid. I was lucky to get paid but then it got tougher for subsequent classes. My placement led to consistent contract work in SAGD. Very few get jobs without connections. It's boom or bust, and right now it's bust in the oil business and other industrial routes as well. I would stay away from the NAIT and SAITs right now as it is really tough to get placements.

Things aren't looking very promising and still can't figure it out..struggle is real. Lol. Was also thinking about gas process operator course just to start somewhere...cant decide right now.

You wont get a job with that course. Just a cash grab by the Colleges. Sorry, just trying to save you some money.

I did the course through Sait but it was provided through a one year course in Ft. St John and I received half my 3rd class.

That was back in '97 But I agree with HeavyD, if you do the course he outlined its way better than just the operators course, that's definitely just a cash grab from schools.

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