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Exam Format

What are the formats for the licensing exams. I know both 4th class exams are all multiple choice, but what about 3rd Class? are the first 3 multiple choice & last one written. & I think all of 2nd & 1st are 100% written.

4th class are 3.5hrs and 150 multiple choice each. 3rd class are all the same. 3B1 used to be essay style but is now multiple choice. 2nd class are all essay style. I believe you answer 5 of 7 questions and some may be mandatory to attempt (I haven't tackled the 2nd's yet). TSSA and ABSA websites have all the info you will need. Of the 3rd class exams I found 3A1 to be the hardest, the other 3 were not bad.

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