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Failed 2A1 - Where do I go from here?

I'm looking for advice on the 2A1 paper. I wrote and felt confident about how I did. I got my mark back in 10 days (suspiciously fast but whatever). Failed it by a large margin.
I attempted both code questions, two of the applied mechanics, and one management. I know I aced the management one; I answered it verbatim from the book. One of the mechanics ones was a simple linear motion question, no problem there. My mark suggests that if I aced those two, I completely blew two questions and got a low fraction for the third. I have no idea where I went wrong, but if I had to guess, I'd say maybe I didn't put enough detail in solving the code questions.
How did everyone answer the code questions? Did they cite paragraph numbers or quote the entire entries related to the question? I basically just gave the paragraph number for the calculation, then wrote the formula, all the given info, and solved.

Where do you go? You go back to the books of course. Don't sweat it, its fairly common to fail your first attempt at a Second paper. As for your last paragragh question, I usually write a statement like "applying PG 27.2.? to calculate the drum thickness", substituting variables write out equation with numbers substituted in. Then when you have a final answer underline it or put a box around it. Basically show all work and the process of how you came to your answer. Don't forget to quote where you got your "y,e,E,S" values from.

It's a really tough exam. Study more. Try again.

Yeah, that sounds like it could have been the problem. I don't know if I quoted which paragraph I got each of the variables from. I guess I should have realized it's not the math they're testing you on; rather the code lookup process. It's frustrating when you know you've got it but you didn't write it the way they like to see it. I won't fail this again.
Thanks for the tips, guys.

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