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First Class A4 tests

Has anyone done first class A4 (power plant operations). I'd like to see the ratio of calculation questions to written ones.

I just wrote 1A4 two days ago. It was totally crap. There was one electrical question that went something like this.......
A synchronous generator has an output of 240 kilovolt amperes at 60 hertz. If a meter is connector to the two terminals as shown and switch “S” is closed…..
There was obviously more to the question but you get the point. You would have to see a sketch of the circuit to know which terminals, and where in the circuit switch “S” is located. No sketch was included!
Another question was about FC fans, ID fans and feed water systems. Ya it actually said FC!
There was another one I don't think you can answer because there isn't enough info. It was a financial question that seemed a bit out of place on this exam. Certainly nothing like it in the Pan Global book. It was about the cost of a project, whether it was viable and how long to pay it back. Gave you all the equipment costs but for the financial costs it said the cost of money is 12 %. I thought this term was too vague and so you had to guess at its intent. I've since looked online and found it being used to represent several different things.
Anyhow, sorry for the rant. To answer your question, there only the two calculation question I've mentioned.

Hey guys, what are your email address, would like to discuss some of this stuff with you.


I just wrote this last month and I didn't have one calculation! The rest of the test was pulled almost entirely from panglobal material.

Hey Honeybadger,


Got lots of great resources! Thanks everyone!

Hi Honeybadger,
Mine is sronaldson@shaw.ca

Hi Honeybadger,
Mine is sronaldson@shaw.ca

I have some study material szorn@mts.net

Hey Guys
If you came accross any study material for 1RA4, could you please send those to me as well,
I wrote the same exam as sronaldson with obviously no luck. it was a pretty frustrating exam.
my email is mikedaryaei@gmail.com

I see this is an old post but do you guys still have any info? Thanks, write soon

I remember the hardest questions being about the shapes. When I studdied i was like screw that they arent going to ask any of those. Had 5 ... 5 questions on basic shapes.probably got 1 right because the answer was square.

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