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First Class Wages

I have completed my first class a couple months ago and am trying to determine the wage that I should be loking for. I am the chief engineer at a first class gas plant that has only had a second class temp chief,so there is no established wage for a first class here. If there are any recommendations it would be appreciated.

I would ask somewhere in the range of a Second Class Operator salary for the year with no OT or stats and add on 20%. Depending on the level of responsibility and how many direct reports you would have. So probably a little more than you're making now without working all the stats or shiftwork. Aim a little higher than where you want to be so there is room for negotiation obviously but not too high too infuriate upper management. Other possible factors could be increased retirement saving and better extended benefits.

See what the top operator makes with OT stats, etc. Then cut it by $100,000-130,000. Should gfet you in the right ballpark. That's why I still "just operate", oh and I have my First. LOL.

My experience has been, anything over a 3rd class is a pile of stress with management of people and equipment.

I make way more cash by holding a 3rd and shift operating at a gas plant with tons of OT and zero stress from responsibility.

loving life that way

Frayman, what you have said is music to my ears. I will take less stress over more bucks in the long run, as stress beats on your heart and is unhealthy in every way.

I am ready to work at a plant where I can learn skills, complete my 3rd, and enjoy life...anytime you guys need a reliable guy with a good atiitude, my bags are packed.

Wish PEC was more active, there are some good people on here just seems the thread posts are slowing down a lot.

Heavy D, The job market really killed the enthusiasm in my opinion. Just like the oil business, PEC will come back too I hope. 780 Tuners was a great thread but the guys with jobs got tired of the guys with no jobs that wouldn't read the thread. So many of the answers were in the thread but guys kept asking, " How much can I expect to make? Will I make over 100 K my first year? Comical, actually. PEC Gets those guys, but I can remember being one of them myself, so I stay on to help or share some stuff if I can.

A lot has changed and I think many are leaving the field, mostly the students who couldn't find placements or jobs when they finished their thirds and fourths. I know myself I was a year and half and nothing, and contemplating going back to what I used to do, then, the call. It's a small community but I enjoy reading, even though I know most of the contributors only through their replies, it's still a great read most days.

Stay low, keep moving.

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