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Gas Process Operations Course

Hey guys

I am a third working in manufacturing considering changing fields and trying to get an elusive camp job eventually. Has anyone taken the GPO ABCD distance courses? How long did it take? Difficulty compared to PE course? Did it help you land a job? Is there a different course I should consider?

Any input helps

I am enrolled into OGPO (Oil and Gas Process Operator) at NAIT, similar to GPO (Gas Process Operator) of SAIT.

Difficulty Level
- Medium (New terminology and phenomenon). Lots of videos and reading. Exciting and new for someone not from oil gas field. But someone working in oil gas field may rate it as an easy course. so depends upon your background. since your background is manufacturing, like me, I would rate it at medium difficulty level.

How long did it take? - Depends how much time you can devote everyday or every week. fastest can be done within a month from A TO D.

Did it help me land a job? - No it did not. Even though I have 2nd class and pulp mill experience.
and NO my resume is not a piece of crap, I utilized an expert's help.

Different course you should consider? only you can give yourself best advice. Since you asked, I would say OGPO is better than GPO since OGPO also explains about "Oil". Camp jobs are mostly for oil patch/SAGD.
How about writing your 2nd's papers. You would have better chances with your 2nd, instead of 3rd+GPO.

As long as oil price is down and activity is low in oil patch, I don't think anything can help you (us all) to break into oil patch unless someone have deep ties with decision makers in oil gas sector or\and someone is very very fortunate.

But more certificates/education is always good. But take your time to decided before putting your money and efforts into it.

Thanks for the thorough reply.

I can write my 2nd class papers but my plant is a 3rd class. So i cant get my firing hours, maybe I will apprentice under one of the millwrights here and get a second trade ticket.


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