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Job prospect for 2nd class PE in Ontario

I am wondering how tough/easy it is to land a job as a 2nd class Power Engineer in Ontario. Based on the numbers, it seems that the only way to step into the industry is to get a 2nd class as there are currently a lot of 4ths and 3rds on the market. I am currently a 4th class and just wondering if I should go back to school to get my 2nds. I don't have any other trades background so I'm wondering if I should switch to a completely different field.

For those who are already working as a 2nd class feel free to share your experiences, advice or any trend that you see in the industry in terms of the job market in Ontario.


How long have you been in the industry with your 4th? Where are you currently located? Dont make the move unless you are sure it's the right one. Market is saturated with 4ths and 3rd, and people with the experience will most likely get the job. However its all about attitude and determination to get your foot in the door.

I'm a 2nd and have been for quite sometime now. I've never been without work, however you could say I was lucky. I went to school, landed a 6 week co-op, from that co-op I landed a summer gig. Which turned into a full time job. This was in 2008/2009 at the height of the financial crash. From then on it was write the tickets and progress with learning on the job. It really all depends on the market your in, Ontario might have quite a few jobs but the pay is not the same at it would be in Alberta or BC, cost of living keeps going up so its tough to say if it would be a good situation to move.

Don't throw your money away with more schooling, try to get the 'intro' job no one wants to take, because they always think they can do better. Learn as much as you can and gain the experience you need to progress with your tickets and CoQ.

Many people will be retiring across Canada so the market will open up, but it's important you stick with it.

I am currently a 3rd Class in Ontario and would say that the outlook is great. You will not likely make stupid good money as a 4th but there are definite opportunities for 3rds and 2nds. In my experience and opinion you could find a 6 figure gig with your 2nd in Ontario but as always, you must be willing to move around the province for the right opportunity. I've talked with a few 2nd Class guys who constantly have recruiters contacting them through linkedin. I would learn as much as possible on the job as a 4th too so that if you upgrade your ticket and land an interview you can tell them about all of your amazing skills and capabilities.


Can you give examples of where I could make 6 figures as a 2nd in Ontario, most have seen always seem to struggle with pay. Thanks

At the Nuke powerplant???

Hey @guddylover,

Power plants like Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation, chemical valley in Sarnia has a lot of high paying jobs at plants like Imperial Oil, Sunoco, Shell, Nova, etc. There is a nuclear plant in Chalk River, Ontario as well I believe it's Canadian Nuclear Laboratories although I think that one is being decommissioned. Greenfield ethanol pays pretty well for 2nd class operators. Napanee, ON has a hub with a few plants like TransCanada cogen plant. Ajax has a new cogen plant called Index Energy. I'm not saying they will all start at 6 figures but you can certainly work your way up or make 6 figures with some OT. Also you can search 1st and 2nd class operators on LinkedIn and get some ideas of where the qualified talent works.



Thanks for the detailed post. I will look into those places you posted. Can you please email me? I would really like to connect with you more.

Here is my email: adeklyn1@yahoo.com


No problem. Sent you an e-mail.

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