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Is job stability worth the lower pay in Onatrio?

I work in a First Class Cogen plant in one of the hospitals (Southwest Ontario). Here is my dilemma, I am working as a Third Class right now and I will have my full 2nd class licence, pending gathering the required steam time in which I will be getting where I work right now, but the issue is the pay, there seem to be a lot of penny pensioning, and the union too isn't helping at all. I just want to hear from others in the forum. Would it be wise to get more experience here and then try to move where there is job with more pay or I should just stick it out?

BTW: I have previously worked in Alberta, so maybe that is probably clouding my judgement haha. I understand that the cost of living here might be lower compared to Alberta but still I think one would have to work over a typical age if one keep pace with the kind of pay here. Thank you!

So many factors to consider..

Do you like where you live?

Have family or anything that could impact a move to somehwere that might be kind of a dump?

Are you comfortable at the hospital? Having a good job with a pension does count, may not seem
like it now but it does.

My opinion is to only leave if the new position is to the best of your knowledge permanent. No way would i chase a buck unless it was assured not to crap out after 2-3 years. Especially if it required living way up in the boonies.


Thanks for your response. I totally agree with you about considering some factors. I cannot really say if i hate or like the city since I am pretty much new here. I do not have kids yet and I am willing and ready to relocate for a better opportunity. If I can move from Medicine Hat down to Ontario then moving is not a problem for me now. Yes, the pension seem to be okay but then they try their possible best to cut what ever little pay you are getting (perks and stuff). I have decided to stay here, get the right experience, get more certification along the way and then wait to move for the right opportunity. Thanks once again.

You are from the Hat? There was a position at the hospital for a 4th..i have applied there 5 times now lol. Thought i had one locked up but just cant made anything work there. Even moved there for a year in 2013, was determined to escape Sask but the province is a magnet, keep getting pulled back.

Did you take PE there?

PS some parts of Ontario are really nice..niagra falls is one cool city!

Why doesnt this forum have personal messaging????

Unfortunately, there is no private messaging on this forum. Yes, I was in Medicine Hat, I think I spoke to you in the year 2014 when I was trying to make a decision on MHC. I worked at Med Hat hospital over the summer of 2015 when I was in school; got my 3rd class steam time there and then I finished school, tried to get back and I was not able but the guys that were aiming at the oil and gas managed to get in. At this time they had changed the Chief there. I was there for about a year after school with all of my 2nd written before I got an offer in Ontario. How have you been with the job thing thus far?

Guddy give me an email at dkr111000@gmail.com Its a spare one i set up so my regular box doesnt get spammed like the last time i posted it. From there i can give proper contact info..i have a few q about the hospital, other stuff..



I emailed you already. Hope you received it.

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