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Keyera Corp in Edmonton

Hey guys, anyone know what's keyera facility in Edmonton like? What's the schedule like? wage etc most likely similar to the area for process ?

No process there. Just a pipeline/truck/storage terminal

2 facilities. The one above and an iso-octane plant. Which one are you asking about?

About diluent and crude terminal

Yeah no process there. Just transfer from truck/pipeline to storage tank and tank to truck/pipeline. Rail and truck load racks etc.

They tend to use Alberta diluent terminal and Alberta crude terminal as stepping stones into process facilities. So there definitely is opportunity.

Yeah, how about the schedule? 5 on 4 off 4 on 5 off as typical for in the city or different one. How is the pay? I bet few bucks less than refinery/chemical plant?

Schedule im not sure, I only know keyera process plants. They top out at about a entry/mid level process position. Low $40s. No steam tickets required there, of course it's considered an asset but no steam boiler or heating plants.

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