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Millwright vs instrumentation 2nd ticket

I've got a f/t permanent job at a plant, and have the opportunity to take a trade apprenticeship. I have been told that millwright would be a good complimentary trade. However I've always been curious about instrumentation. Instrumentation would be easier on the body, but millwright might have more long-term opportunities. What would you pick? I am looking for long term career opportunity.

I would choose Instrumentation for the same reasons you mentioned :
1) less physical
2) more mentally challenging and interesting
3) greater demand in the future with the rise of automation

Although some Millwrights also do interesting work at our Mill, ex. turbine specialists.

Where do you work if you don't mind me asking? I've thought about working somewhere that would grant apprentice hours while operating.

I'm at a mine(doesn't matter which one), I'm bidding on an internal job. I'm starting an apprenticeship, not operating and being given trade time for something else, it's basically a career change.

I too would go for Instrumentation.

Personal preference. In Ontario Millwrights are in high demand but the apprenticeship is around 8000hrs I believe which equals 4 years plus 6 months full-time schooling in there as well. A Millwright ticket is also voluntary not mandatory but a lot of companies require it to cover liability concerns. I know there is an exemption application as well if you have industry experience. I don't have much knowledge of the instrumentation route but you can't go wrong with either in my opinion.

They're both boring in their own ways. If you went with the millwrighting, at least you'd get a little exercise. Depends on how much you value physical activity and how that might affect you in your later years.

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