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SAIT First Class Distance Education course

Did anybody did SAIT First Class Distance Education course?
If yes, was it really a great preparation for the eight exams?

Hey Batman,

I am also trying to find out if SAIT distance course is beneficial for preparation for first or not. But for sure it will compensate 1 years steam time required for 1st class ticket.
BCIT course is a lot cheaper than SAIT and accepted by ABSA.

You can drop me an email engineer4340@gmail.com if want to discuss further as I am also going to start writing my first class exams soon, in a month or two.

Thank you Ryan,
Indeed, the courses are 100$ cheaper at BCIT compare to SAIT and they grant the same reduction time in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Unless you are looking at the time reduction, my advice to you is get the Pan Global and study only from there. I required nothing else, and found 99.8% of all exam material in the Pan Global.

Thanks Steamop,
The time reduction is the main reason. Yet, I am in the belief that these modules may be a good warm up before doing each exams. This is why I asked if anybody took them. Indeed, Pan Global books are a must.

I completed the BCIT first class this spring. It took thirteen months to do the eight courses ,so it was worth the hassle as I also had all eight goverment exams done in the eighteen month window. However there was no real benefit to the course other than the twelve month credit. If you would like more info on the course or how to work with the ridgid rules they have at BCIT drop me a line at natashawallin@hotmail.ca.

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