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Shell Online aptitute test?

does anyone on this forum have experience with Shell online aptitude test? Something new I have not done before. What is it like? Found some info via google search, but would like to listen to someone personal experience with this test if someone has done it from this group.


I wrote a test at Shell corporate office before for a process op position so i guess this online aptitude test might be similar. They are broken into sections: math, physics, reasoning, comprehension. So just brush up on highschool stuff and common sense then you'll be good.

it's all bubble sheet multiple choice

Is this for the Sarnia Position? I also have to take this test.

@r2d2 - Thank you. Took the test but it was all behavioral based. Agree/Disagree type.
@ spenser56 - Yes it is for Sarnia.

Congrats and good luck.

any updates ryan? you got the job?


Completed online assessment, and received email that I passed the assessment and then standard rejection email.

Also got the same emails from Taqa, Celeanese Edmonton, Suncor, Syncrude Fort Mac, Husky, Pembina and most others did not bother reply.

But its so beautiful summer to worry about all these emails anymore....

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