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Tutorial: How to Share a Link

Of the three main content types on the PEC, links are the most unique. The process has been designed to make it super simple.

After clicking the big "Ask" button in the top corner, click on "Share a Link".

On the page that follows, enter a brief title for the link.

And then paste the URL of the link you want to share in the box provided.

For those of you who are a bit 'noob' when it comes to computers, you can copy and paste text by selecting it and then pressing "CTRL + C" on your keyboard. To paste text just press "CTRL + V".

For example, you just read an interesting article online. And you think other power engineers might like it. Do share! Just copy the link and post it as described above.

Once a link is posted to the PEC, it works a bit differently than Questions or Discussions...

Click the tittle of the link and you will be directed to the actual link itself. Or, to discuss the link with the PEC community, click the "discuss" link below the title.

p.s. - will post some helpful screenshots shortly

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