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Would like some imput

I am looking for some advice in a situation that I have found myself in. To avoid sounding like a complete whinny kid I will give details in point fact format. I will also not give location of work name until I finally get to leave in which case it will be a new post stating do not work at this place.
- I was hired to be chief of a 4th class plant at a dog food factory with 2 fire tube boilers used for an extruder, hot water heater and heat exchanger.
- First job out of school so I accepted withought hesitation and have kept it for a year now
- job details are come in switch boiler from 15psi cut off to 110 psi. Go work packaging for 10 to 16 hours no where near boiler, then reset boiler.
- no one is watching the boilers during that time. I try to check at least once during the day.
There is so much more. Should I continue to work this for resume filler, or go get a job at mcdonalds. I am just scared that this will affect future job prospects since i am chief but not allowed to do maitenance unless i just do it in the 10 minutes a day i have to do everything in the boiler room. Any insight would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I should have mensioned i live in saskatchewan.

Do you need steam time/does it provide it?

How are job prospects in your area? A chief job even on paper is better than McDs or whatever but I understand your frustration...good jobs in PE are becoming very difficult to attain.

If you can hack it a bit longer just keep tossing out resumes until something comes up...or look at a "plan B"whatever that may be.

I was working on a tech sales job dealing with pipe, valves and fittings. Silence was my answer after a dinner interview and a wonderlic test. I was able to claim my steam time after 6 months. I thought id have more luck once i got my 3rd, after 6 months of looking still nothing. The odd job pops up here and there. I apply to all across canada. Ive applied to 2 jobs in pei and 1 in nb so im not limiting myself. Whats holding me back at the moment is a lack of safety tickets that i am too broke to get since I only make 17 and hour with madsive school debt due to going to sait. Thank you for your response though.

No problem, I too am in Sask and just cant see PE career opprtunites getting better in the working years I have left. There will be successes of course but with so many qualified people out there wanting jobs it is an uphill battle. Are you in Saskatoon?

Warman and drive to rosthern for work. I like it here since i can hit jobs in a huge area when im here. For example jobs within 20 minutes north of saskatoon and stoon itself.

Im getting my h2s and first aid. Im looking to get in with united safety for network oportunities. Ill storr my shit in a storage locker and my parents place until i get a job with one of the oil companies.

Safety is a good gig too, not a bad thing to try. I am in Wakaw now for the housing price, commute to Saskatoon or PA for most stuff.

Interesting you went to SAIT..I took PE to get out of PA area and hopefully live in Med Hat, Lethbridge, or somewhere southern BC and wondered if I should have went to SAIT instead of Swift. Now i am not sure it would have made any difference??

I loved my time at sait but honestly it has made no difference. If anything i find myself at a disadvantage since they dont teach any hands on maintenance type stuff such as welding and machiening where siast does. Sait is very much hope you have an oil field job lined after this if not sucks to be you.

Hey if you want send me an email at dkr111000@gmail.com and leave your contact info. I use this to sort through the spammers and will respond with my normal one. Maybe we can bouce some ideas around.

I sent an email. From my main email. With winchester469 as a subject

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